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"Letty's Bag Clarification"

Cutting Instructions - Bag Outside - the bag is 18" high and 20" wide.  Important if using
directional fabric.
Page 3 (bottom of the page) - the bag is 18" high and 20" wide.  When cutting out the 3"
corners, the bottom of the bag is 20" wide.
"Thoughts and Comments on Installing the Grommets"

First let me say I have made lots of Letty’s Bags and have installed oddles of grommets.  
Every once in a while I run into some difficulty, but so far I have always been successful.
I use fusible fleece on both the lining and the outside, just like the pattern says.  After
drawing the circle using the template, I sew on (or close) to the line, cut out the center and
then insert the flange side of the grommet.  I try to make sure that the fabric and fleece
are stuffed in around the flange before putting the pointy side of the grommet in place.  I
sometimes place everything on a table and simply using my hand lean on it to snap it in place.  
BTW, even when it snaps it only feels like one side snaps but it really is snapped all the way

Once in a while, I find a flange side and pointy side that don't want to be friends.  When
that happens, I simply pick up another pointy side and that seems to always work.  I had one
person tell me that they got to the last set and they didn't want to be friends (and there
wasn't another one to switch out) so they placed the pointy one in hot water and apparently
that gave it just enough flexibility to snap in place.

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YouTube Tutorial for installing grommets..